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Experiential projects include patented technology platforms and interactive content.


RANDIAN is a patented platform that makes shows and videos interactive, with a full-scale e-commerce engine that drives direct sales for brands. RANDIAN’s disruptive technology is the next generation of advertising and aspirational purchasing in the digital age. The analytics we gain from viewers and customers gives content makers and brands an exclusive insight into how people watch and shop. 



Ian and Co-Founder Randall Scerbo Truitner presented the RANDIAN technology platform to Prince William and Dutchess Cate at the Variety Venture Capital Summit in Beverly Hills. Investors of RANDIAN include R&R Ventures, Amanda Crew, Marc Ferrari and Quake Capital



The ATA teamed up with Olweus to create the most comprehensive interactive bullying prevention program available anywhere: Agent G - The ATA Defender. Children learn valuable skills on how to recognize and react to bullying in this engaging and interactive seminar. The key takeaways we focus on are developing appropriate responses to difficult situations, confidence building and leadership skills.


Research has shown that unchecked bullying leads to bigger problems, including emotional distress, decreased academic performance, delinquency, depression and even thoughts of suicide. It is destructive for the kids being bullied, the kids doing the bullying, and even kids who witness the bullying.'


The Telly Awards has named the American Taekwondo Association as a Silver (top honors) and a Bronze winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for "Agent G - The ATA Defender Bullying Prevention Program. The Telly Awards receives nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries. 




Child Safety and Awareness


In partnership with, the ATA created an effective interactive safety program that helps children 3 and up learn the basics of recognizing dangerous situations, including fire, 911, planning with parents and stranger danger. 

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