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Ian served as creative lead on annual ATA World Championships from 2007-2012. He developed overarching show themes with the dual purpose of enhancing the ATA brand while serving as a platform to promote upcoming product and service initiatives. Below are images and descriptions of some of the shows.


Inaugural Ceremony

Verizon Arena, Little Rock AR

The ATA World Championships is Little Rock’s largest annual convention bringing in over 20,000 visitors to the central Arkansas area from 6 continents. Over 4,000 competitors compete at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock.


Taking place in the 18,000 seat Verizon Arena, the Inagural Ceremony ushered in just the 3rd Songahm Taekwondo Grand Master, In Ho Lee. The 3 hour event concluded a 9-part international tour, and showcasing traditional Korean performances, high level martial arts competition by international contestants, dignitaries and elected officials. 

The Legend of Beaoh was the first multimedia ATA Opening Ceremony, featuring narrative storyline that blended a theatrical production with actors and acrobats interwoven with animation. It launched a successful multi-faceted new product line for children that spawned ongoing programs and initiatives. 



The Legend of Beaoh

Altel Arena, Little Rock AR


Opening Ceremonies

Altel Arena, Little Rock AR

With an active membership of nearly 300,000 worldwide, ATA is the world’s largest martial arts organization. Since its founding 41 years ago, more than one million lives have been changed through ATA’s Songahm teachings and programs.


The 2009 Opening Ceremonies was a celebration showcasing a combination of retro- dance performances and martial arts, encompassing the evolution of 40 years since the ATAs inception in 1969. 



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