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The company, RANDIAN, was formed around this technology and took part in two accelerator programs: Quake Capital Accelerator and Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence. These programs played a crucial role in refining our pitches, enhancing our tools, and conducting beta tests of the platform.

Developing a unique technology platform required years of dedicated research and numerous persuasive pitches to potential investors. One of the pivotal moments came when we had the opportunity to present our concept at the Venture Capital Summit for US-UK trade and investment, where Prince William and Princess Catherine had the chance to witness an early demo of our platform. Their positive response generated significant interest from others. Upon the successful grant of the patent for our innovative tech, known as the Bookmarking, Cataloging, and Purchasing System for Use in Conjunction with Streaming and Non-streaming Media on Multimedia Devices, we secured initial rounds of investment to bring our functional platform to life.

After securing investments from reputable institutions such as R&R Ventures, Quake, and Rice University, we caught the attention of a prominent company based in DC that aspires to revolutionize the media industry. They recognized our interactive technology as the perfect match for their ambitious plans. Following months of negotiations, RANDIAN agreed to sell its core technology at a favorable valuation for our investors. (Below: showcasing the technology to Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and ABC camera crews)

Following a successful initial startup venture, while studying Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University I developed an AI visual recognition system. The realm of machine learning AI holds immense promise and offers substantial prospects of utility across multiple industries. At present, I am fully engrossed in intensive research and development, honing my skills in this domain. Rest assured, there is much more to share as I progress further on this journey.

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