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The company created around the technology, RANDIAN, participated in two accelerator programs, Quake Capital Accelerator and Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence, which helped refine the pitches as we built more robust tools and conducted beta tests of the platform.

Creating a novel technology platform meant years of R&D and hundreds of pitches, selling potential investors on the concept. One of the early breakthroughs was presenting at the Venture Capital Summit for US-UK trade and investment opportunities to Prince William and Duchess Cate (below), whose positive response to an early demo of the platform piqued the interest of others also. After the patent I wrote for the tech called Bookmarking, Cataloging and Purchasing System for Use in Conjunction with Streaming and Non-streaming Media on Multimedia Devices was granted, we secured first rounds of investment to build the functional platform

After bringing on board institutional investors R&R Ventures, Quake and Rice University, we attracted the interest of a DC based company aiming to be a major disruptor in the media industry, who saw our interactive tech as a perfect fit for their ambitious plans. After several months of negotiations RANDIAN agreed to sell its core technology, at a multiple favorable for our investors. (below: presenting the tech to Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and ABC camera crews)

After a successful first startup, my next tech endeavor is the development of an artificial intelligence vision learning system. AI is an exciting space and represents a significant growth opportunity in the near and long term, I'm polishing my chops on it and will be making moves in the space after I complete the intensive R&D I'm currently conducting. More to come. 

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