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Building on IR theories from classical realism to constructivism, I've written three thesis. The first called Libertarianism as an IR Theory explores how the political philosophy of libertarianism fits into the scope of IR. The second, Anthropology and International Relations, argues that recent discoveries in the development of humans as a species should play a role in international relations theories, particularly in regard to the overarching concept of the "state of nature" in Thomas Hobbes classic Leviathan, one of the bedrocks of international relations as a social science. The third is an analysis of soft power through entertainment media, called The Influence of Cinematic Works in International Relations: An Analysis of Internal and External Soft Power from Top Gun to Downton Abbey.

My development of International Relations (IR) concepts included field studies at the United Nations, NATO, European Union and also meeting members of the WHO, WTO and International Red Cross while studying at the American College of the Mediterranean in Aix en Provence, France. The six country exploration to France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and Portugal gave me insights in how each country operates both on the state level and within international structures. 

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