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Ian has taught at K-12 schools, colleges and professional organizations, focusing on media/entertainment, business and technology. These institutions include Occidental College, Ringling School of Art and Design, Sundance Labs, Rice University School of Business, University of Minnesota - College of Liberal Arts, C3 Visual Communications, Global Entrepreneurship Forum, Walt Disney Studios, Veterans in Residence, Fashion Tech Forum, Variety Venture Capital Summit, Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles Unified Schools and Santa Ana Schools. Ian is committed to youth growth and empowerment, with an emphasis on leveraging their personal voices to effect positive change in their lives and communities.


Hand-on classes through the Oasis Center and YBA are designed to give kids practical skills that are translatable to higher education advancement and beyond. Curriculum includes storytelling, on-camera performance and basic filmmaking.  





Ian has given lectures or presentations at colleges, universities and professional organizations on the subjects of filmmaking and media technology. He has created a lecture series for graduating high school and college students called the Heterodox Shift, which is about 'flipping the script' and using conventionally contradictory traits and even personal failures to develop strategic advantages when in pursuit of higher education and future career opportunities. 




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